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Charming Front Doors Around London

Have you ever noticed a front door that looked so good, you wanted to take a picture of it? Well, this photographer did and her hobby stretched so far, she now has an Instagram page dedicated solely to The Doors of London and it counts almost 70k followers. Bella Foxwell started her account as a challenge. “I’d […]

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Amazing Duo Captures the Fun and Joy of Interacting With Architecture

Creative duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís find wonder in seemingly ordinary places. As two former architects, they incorporate elements of buildings into their whimsical compositions in which a model (often Devís) is perfectly coordinated with different facades or blends into the scenery. “Our backgrounds in architecture have completely shaped our way of seeing the […]

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Meet the team that’s tracking down sex partners to stop a surge in STDs

In northwest Oregon’s Clackamas County, health officials have decided to ask anyone who comes in with an STD who their sexual partners are — and then track those partners down. That job falls to two women: registered nurse Mary Horman and disease intervention specialist Liz Baca. They do most of the work over the phone, […]

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