Freddie Highmore calls The Good Doctor a hopeful remedy for dark times

BURNABY, B.C.—The hero of The Good Doctor, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, represents the show’s title in more ways than one. Dr. Shaun Murphy is exceptionally skilled at curing patients, but he’s also morally good, able to see the light in others even if he can’t always connect. The Good Doctor is […]


Students weighed down by heavy backpacks, ‘text neck’

Students’ heavy backpacks are a perennial problem, but the strain on children’s bodies has worsened in recent years, thanks to bad posture from texting and playing video games, according to health experts. “It’s a trifecta,” said Don Clum, a Seattle chiropractor who also offers lifestyle and health consulting online. “It’s getting worse because of those […]

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Lake Victoria ferry disaster in Tanzania: what we know

More than 200 are feared drowned after a ferry capsized and sank on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. The search for survivors and victims was due to resume on Friday morning, following the sinking the previous afternoon. It’s the latest in a series of ferry disasters in the east African country, in which overcrowding has often […]


‘BTS Army’ invades Hamilton for K-pop band’s three sold-out shows

Shantell Androschuk is a 40-year-old former teacher who lives on a 10-acre farm with her four children, six horses, two donkeys, six dogs and six cats near the central Alberta hamlet of Evansburg, population 795. She is also a K-pop fanatic. As a matter of fact, she loves Korean pop music so much, she plans […]


Freeland cites ‘tough issues’ as NAFTA talks break again with no deal

By Daniel DaleWashington Bureau Chief Thu., Sept. 20, 2018 WASHINGTON—Canada and the U.S. are still unable to resolve their NAFTA differences. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was expected to leave Washington late on Thursday without an agreement. There was no set plan for additional meetings. Speaking in Washington on Thursday, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland […]


Brexit divides EPL, FA over player visas

By David HellierBloomberg Wed., Sept. 19, 2018 Even English soccer is split over what do to about Brexit. As the U.K. government struggles to forge its own plan to leave the European Union, it’s told the Premier League to put together a joint proposal with the sport’s national ruling body for dealing with player visas […]


Mothers’ own health influences obesity in children, study confirms

By Nicole VillalpandoAustin American-Statesman Tues., Sept. 11, 2018 Moms, when it comes to your child’s weight, you matter. A new study in the British Medical Journal confirms this. The study looked at more than 24,000 children of more than 16,000 nurses enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II in the 1990s. The researchers specifically looked […]

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Brad Pitt’s nonprofit sues architect over ‘defective’ New Orleans homes

Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, which has been accused of building sub-standard homes for displaced residents of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, has sued its executive architect over the construction work. Make It Right planned to build 150 well-designed, energy-efficient homes and sell them at affordable rates to former residents, teachers and […]


UK fails to resolve border row with Ireland as Brexit deadline looms

By Lorne CookThe Associated PressJill Lawless Thu., Sept. 20, 2018 SALZBURG, AUSTRIA—Britain and its European Union partners failed on Thursday to secure a breakthrough in Brexit talks, largely because of seemingly intractable divisions over the best way to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland and how to deal with future trade. With […]


Michael Moore envies Canada — for its chocolate bars

Fahrenheit 11/9 director Michael Moore, a proud American feeling Trumped by political misfortune, is lamenting his lack of dual citizenship with Canada when I meet him during the recent Toronto International Film Festival. “My grandfather was Canadian,” the moviemaker from Flint, Mich., says by way of a greeting, as he works through a series of […]