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Charming Front Doors Around London

Have you ever noticed a front door that looked so good, you wanted to take a picture of it? Well, this photographer did and her hobby stretched so far, she now has an Instagram page dedicated solely to The Doors of London and it counts almost 70k followers. Bella Foxwell started her account as a challenge. “I’d […]


Socalled: A rapper sings Yiddish folk songs

“I’m the Mahatma Gandhi of hip hop because I’m really skinny,” said Socalled in The ‘Socalled’ Movie, a film about about his art. The 41-year-old artist, whose real name is Joshua Dolgin, is known for his absurd humor. Dolgin was born into a Jewish family in Ottawa, but he developed his passion for traditional Yiddish […]


Colombia closes ‘illegal’ Pablo Escobar narco museum

Authorities in the Colombian city of Medellin have shuttered a museum dedicated to the life of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, local media reported on Thursday. The museum, in one of Escobar’s former houses, was closed for operating illegally and failing to have a license with the national tourism office, the Colombiano newspaper reported.  Read more: Medellin […]


Brazil: German embassy triggers bizarre Nazi and Holocaust debate

A video posted on Facebook by the German Embassy in Brasilia explaining the culture of remembrance over the Holocaust in Germany was met with unexpected hostility from many Brazilians. Some insisted that Adolf Hitler espoused a left-wing ideology, others sought to deny the Holocaust. The video said that Germans “don’t hide from their past,” adding that […]


Man Booker Prize 2018 shortlist features ‘miracles of stylistic invention’

The 2018 Man Booker Prize for Fiction announced its shortlist on Tuesday, revealing Anna Burns, Esi Edugyan, Daisy Johnson, Rachel Kushner, Richard Powers and Robin Robertson as the six authors eligible to win the coveted literary award. “All of our six finalists are miracles of stylistic invention. In each of them the language takes center stage. And yet in every other […]


‘Fahrenheit 11/9’: Michael Moore’s latest film is a call to action

“Tyrant. Liar. Racist. A Hole in One.” So reads the provocative slogan on posters for Michael Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9. The poster shows a golfer from behind, a man wearing a red baseball cap, his swing aiming for the White House. It’s clear who the image is meant to represent. This movie is about Donald Trump — but […]


Berlin Pride: More politics than partying

Patricia is standing with her husband at a traffic light in central Berlin. All of a sudden, a man next them says: “You should be shot — you shouldn’t be alive.” Patricia can’t believe her ears. She thinks she must have misheard, so she asks him to repeat himself. He does: “You should be shot.” Patricia […]


Rap against racism: ‘I’m not a Nazi, but…’

Two men sit on either side of a table in an empty warehouse. One man is wearing a bomber jacket, his head is shaved on both sides. He is “biodeutsch” – “organic German” – and he’s proud of the fact that he votes AfD (the right-wing anti-immigrant party Alternativ für Deutschland). He leans forward and […]


Lunar mystique: How the moon has inspired art and culture

On Friday night, sky gazers the world over will be looking out for a very special lunar eclipse, or ‘blood moon’ — the longest this century — as a glowing planet Mars simultaneously comes closest to the earth for 15 years. As the earth casts its shadow over the moon — and refracted sunlight passes through […]


Of space and time: a new opera in Bayreuth

The tale can be read out loud in four minutes. In the version with music, choreography, video production and singing, it takes one hundred minutes. A flurry of gentle, rapid notes envelop listeners seated in an old movie theater as musicians perform to the audience’s left and right. A dancer shares the stage space with video projections that […]